Intensive Stand-Alone Coaching Session by Scott Bland

Intensive Stand-Alone Coaching Session

Intensive Stand-Alone Coaching Session

What's included?

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What's Included

  • ONE 60 minute private telephone session.
Some coaches may tell you that investing in coaching is as simple as giving up a Starbucks coffee every day. It's not. It will be more of a sacrifice, and you may decide that investing in yourself and your future is not worth it. If you do decide it's worth it, you may need to consciously budget for coaching. But if you are ready to make the commitment to change your life and reach your goals - and nothing you've done on your own has worked so far - I can tell you coaching will make a difference in the way your life unfolds going forward.
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Scott Bland is a professional Transformational Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. His passion is to equip and encourage individuals around the world in their professional and personal development through an inspired and creative Coaching Business.

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